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Calluroso is a social networking site for content creators who produce content in the adult entertainment industry. With a vast network of popular content creators with thousands of devoted patrons, growing an organic fanbase is a guarantee. Be promoted and promote others with ease!

Why Should You Join?

If you are an online adult content creator, an agency, or an assistant who works with creators, then this private platform is for you! Get verified and create a social profile. Network with other verified site members(creators, assistants, and agencies) who are also in the adult industry. Use this site to network in privacy with verified members so you can:

How It Works

The site is an e-commerce and networking platform where you can sell SFS promos, buy promos, and coordinate with people in one ecosystem. What makes Calluroso so easy to use? The site allows users to have their mini e-commerce store! For safety, buyers and users have proof of purchase that ensures that agreements are monitored and recorded. Buy and sell today!


Network with other verified creators, make friends, learn how to grow your earnings, arrange collabs, and promote your page by finding quality SFS. Sell your promo or buy from verified creators, and find verified assistants.


Get verified as a trusted assistant, network with verified industry professionals. List and sell your services with payment guarantees, get reviews on your services and build your profile to show your expertise.


Expose your brand to creators, and browse profiles of verified assistants and creators. Learn about their services and see reviews from verified users.